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CCI 1st edition



The first-of-its-kind presentation of Gospel of Christ Ministries, Christ Commission International, assembled 46 different churches from within and without the Republic of Cameroon, with some representatives coming from other nations within the African continent, and others from Europe. Dr. Shawn Smith dedicated five days sharing under the theme “Administrating the Revelation of Grace” with Pastors and Leaders from the different denominational backgrounds.

Dr. Shawn has received the mandate to present the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the loveliness of His person and the perfection of His work, with excellence and clarity for the rising of the Glorious Church. The sessions of the conference according to the Man of God were ordained by the Father because the hour has come for the rising of the Glorious Church.

The initiative of Christ Commission International is simply Dr. Shawn’s demonstration of his heart to the body of Christ:

“I love Ministers; I love Pastors, and I want to help you in what you are doing and my way of helping you in what you are doing is sharing with you the things that my Father has revealed to me.”

Dr. Shawn petitioned his audience from the very start that transformation is the fruit of reevaluating everything we believe. Right after a moment of getting to know the pastors and leaders present for the conference, he started off the day of the opening by inviting the Pastors and Leaders to reevaluate what they have called ‘Ministry’. God is taking us from restoration to glorification and it is going to require a paradigm shift in what we have called ministry.

Having caught the attention of his listeners with this statement, Dr. Shawn differentiated the Old Covenant pattern of ministry from the new. The model of ministry in the New Testament does not give us a ‘visitation’ theology whereby we are waiting for another ‘move’ of God, or for God to raise another man. Without us being fully aware, this takes our eyes off what has already happened in the person and the work of Jesus Christ; we thus lose the power of the Gospel.

Ministry in the New Testament is the ministry of the Lord Jesus offered unto the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit on behalf of the Church and the world. We have all been granted the privilege to participate in the ministry of Jesus Christ. He enables us to partake in different aspects of His ministry. That is something called grace. As ministers, we are partakers of the fullness of Christ; we are so inseparably one with Him to the point that we partake in His mission to the world.

“Your ministry is God working with God; it is not you trying to do something for God”

The Man of God established in his listeners the foundation of the power of our identity in Christ. The Pastors and Leaders were made to understand that they are not servants of God whom God has contracted. Rather, they are sons of God, anointed with the spirit without measure, with limitless, surpassing and inexhaustible power that continues to operate in them, who serve their Father. Christ has introduced us into the same sonship that He has with the Father. The greatest office which thus exists in the Kingdom of God is the office of sonship.

“The world is not waiting for the manifestation of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers. The creation is expecting to see the sons of God”

Having instituted the power of our identity in Christ, and revealing the prayer of the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 1:17-18 which introduces us to the New Testament vision of the Church – the fullness of Christ in His Church – the Pastors and Leaders were exhorted to equally teach the people over whom they shepherded who they are in Christ and not what they are supposed to do. To preach the grace of God, he said, is to reveal the Son of God in the saints, to reveal their sonship, their adoption and that God is their Father.

With the unfolding of each session, the Man of God carried on progressively with the revelation of the Gospel, presenting to his listeners what is known as Patristic vision of the Christian message, and the unique apostleship of the Apostle Paul. The Pastors and Leaders were introduced to the two simple words that Dr. Shawn reckons to beautifully sum up the revelation that Christ gave to the Apostle Paul: the Greek“en Christos”, rendered as “in Christ” in the English language. Our entire comprehension of the Gospel and even of ministry must come from the ‘in-Christ’ perspective. From Colossians 1:25-26, Dr. Shawn exposed the mystery that was revealed to the Apostle Paul. Ministering something which does not include this mystery which Christ gave to the Apostle Paul is preaching an incomplete Word of God.

Dr. Shawn Smith set aside an entire session answering questions from the Pastors and Leaders, on subjects he had taught in the course of the assembly and also on subjects other than what he presented but which happened to be subjects of preoccupation in the minds of the ministers of God. Re-echoing throughout the five days was the truth about our position as sons. The Man of God called to the attention of the ministers of God that it is now time for us to stand as the sons of God, not just as ecclesiastical representatives but as governmental representatives; ambassadors of the Government of God, ambassadors of the Grace of God, announcing the reconciliation of God and man. He added “This nation shall hear the fullness of the Gospel, the revelation of Grace. Everywhere we raise our voice, our voice will be heard… and the Father’s intention for this nation is established.”


Dr. Shawn Prays for the Ministers

“Thank you Father for these ministers; thank you for their ministries which in reality is their participation in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Thank you for who you are in them. Thank you that you hold all the offices. Thank you that beginning from tonight, as they step on their pulpits, you are going to unfold yourself in them and you will speak in them, through them and as them. You bless creation through their words, through their hands, through the decisions they make, through their administration… Thank you that you create in the members (of their churches) genuine submission. Thank you for faithfulness in church attendance, for loyalty.”

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