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"The ministry you are involved in is not one where you have been thrown back to yourself: although you are carrying out this ministry, you are in union with Christ to participate in His continuing ministry at the Father’s right hand. We have different gifting and different assignments, but the ministry belongs to Christ and there will be a day where we will render account to Him of how we carried out His ministry while in this body. We need to be faithful in maintaining the message of Christ" -- Dr. Shawn SMITH





There is now a “pneuma” concept of Christ. We need to know Christ beyond the four gospels, beyond the three and a half years of ministry. Christ ministered on earth for three and a half years, but has been sitting at the Father’s right hand for 2000 years. We are to relate with Christ, not on the basis of what He did while He was still on earth for three and a half years; He now dwells in you and has placed you in Himself."   -- Dr. Shawn SMITH





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