CCI Garoua 2018
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CCI Garoua 2018 - Gallery


"This is the hour that the father wants to restitute us to sound doctrine. That Jesus Christ in his person and in his work should be fully revealed, because the gospel is not just a message which we should preached but a cause for which we should live" -- Dr. Shawn SMITH




"The power of God is the preaching of the cross... If we are to begin well, we are to go back to the preaching of the cross as taught by the Apostle Paul"   -- Dr. Shawn SMITH




"The Gospel preached by Paul exalts Christ and presents His work. We are perfect through His sufferings... The extent to which the Son is one with the Father is the same extent to which we have been made one with Christ. Jesus Christ has shared the glory of His sonship with us" -- Dr. Shawn SMITH




"Ministry consists of knowing Christ and making Him known. Once we become emphatically focused on the person and the work of Christ, nothing else will matter... The price of knowing Christ is to want Him and to want Him will cost you everything you have known"   -- Dr. Shawn SMITH



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