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CCI Uganda 2017 - Day two

In Christ: The Consummate Declaration:

"In His death and resurrection, Christ translated us into heaven in Him, with Him and as Him... We are living in the day of the new Creation where we are in the Father's house; we are dwelling in the abode of God because we are Christ." -- Dr. Shawn Smith 


CCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (16).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (35).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (1).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (9).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (8).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (5).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (7).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (2).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (12).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (18).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (6).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (3).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (28).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (4).jpgCCI_UGANDA_DayTwo (10).jpg

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