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Dr. Shawn & Annie Smith who preside over the ministerial network are authors of several books including

In Christ Devotions”, a monthly devotional since January 2012,  


As Righteous As God”,  Dr Shawn SMITH, 


Prosperity By Grace”,  Dr Shawn SMITH


Fathered By God”,  Dr Shawn SMITH


The New Man In Christ”,  Dr Shawn SMITH, 


Experiencing The Powers of The Ages To Come”,  Dr Shawn SMITH, 


New Testament Prayers & Affirmations”,  Dr Shawn SMITH,  


Burning With Purpose”,  Dr Annie SMITH   


"Homolegeo",  Dr Annie SMITH 


Jesus Christ + Nothing = Everything”,  Dr Shawn SMITH


"Shawn Smith Compendium", Dr Shawn SMITH, 


"I DO" Drs Shawn & Annie SMITH,  



Romans Revealed:”, a verse by verse expository and exegetical commentary of the epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Romans   

and also “Of His Fullness”,  Dr Shawn SMITH,  


“Romans Revealed” is the first fruits of the legacy Project which Dr. Shawn Smith launched in December 2012. The legacy project itself is a divinely inspired initiative of Dr. Shawn Smith to write a commentary on the fourteen epistles of the Apostle Paul. Its inaugural ceremony was held on the 19th of April 2013, on the occasion of the celebration of Dr. Shawn’s ten years of full time ministry, during which the first edition of the commentary of the book of Romans was presented branded, “Romans Revealed”.


Apart of these official books, Dr. Shawn & Annie Smith are in the process of writing several other books which will be placed at the disposal of members of CCI. They have also written down manuals which have been used on the occasion of seminars and schools of ministry, which will be placed at the disposal of the CCI networkers.


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