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Dr. Shawn & Annie Smith as exponents of the grace of God, which is the New Testament doctrine for this church age, have taught on every theological issue that is known and unknown to man, including;

righteousness, Soteriology, Christology, Eschatology, Ecclesiology, Harmatiology, Pneumatology, Pauline Anthropology, Theocentric Psychology, Numerology, Demonology, Angeology, the doctrine of Incarnation, the doctrine of Election and Predestination, the character of God, New Testament prayer, faith, Paul’s Charis concept, judgment, the doctrine of trinity, perichoresis, the fivefold ministries, consecration and the doctrine of holiness and sanctification, leadership, the honour of God, the will of God, types & shadows, the parables of Jesus, the anointing, New Testament deliverance, prophecy, and much more.


Included in the message archive of the apostolic couple are more than one hundred sessions on the doctrine of righteousness, righteousness being the major clause of the gospel. Their archive also contains more than one hundred sessions on prosperity, more than eighty sessions on the New Testament practice of prayer, hundreds of sessions on the doctrine of grace, more than one hundred sessions on faith, more than one hundred sessions of school of ministry, dozens of sessions on predestination and election and much more.


To help ministers who are interested in the teachings of the apostolic couple a catalogue containing the most of the teachings of Dr. Shawn & Annie Smith has been made available on-line. It is now possible to access this catalogue to gain access to the complete database of available teachings.

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